3rd International Human Factors Conference
by Lufthansa Aviation Training | 27.–28.09.2018

3rd International
Human Factors Conference
by Lufthansa Aviation Training

Human Factors Conference

It’s time to put the focus on us.

The theme of our third conference is “It’s all about us.” We place far too little emphasis on us as individuals even though it’s more important than ever.

Despite knowing how to do our job, having the technical and procedural knowledge to do so and understanding the importance of interpersonal skills and human factors, we still sometimes fail. Failing does not necessarily mean an incident or accident. We can fail in the little things – lack of communication, underestimating one’s resilience, not looking out for colleagues, taking others, processes and the system for granted, missing an opportunity to self-reflect, forgetting to adapt our leadership skills and styles depending on the team and situation – all little errors that have the potential to culminate into something bigger.

Although 2017 was the safest year in aviation history, now is not the time to be complacent. Now is the time to ask ourselves what else can be done to maintain this level of safety and also to improve and enhance our human factors approaches to effectively incorporate advances in technology and learning.

Other industries look up to the aviation industry as an example, as a model of safety. The healthcare sector is a perfect example of an industry where humans and human factors play a vital role to improve patient safety and where more work can and should be done. However, we mustn’t forget that many doctors and nurses deal with diverse, complex and critical situations on a daily basis – no emergency is the same, no surgery is routine. Pilots may never experience a critical situation and they most likely will never make a life or death decision in the cockpit.  

Regardless of the industry, we know how important human factors are. Similarly, we also know it’s not easy to self-reflect, to question ourselves or others, to give constructive feedback, to show empathy or to inspire others. How often are attempts to communicate, both professionally and personally, met with a lack of time, lack of consideration, lack of understanding or a lack of interest from the other person?

During these two days, we are going to take and make the time to do exactly that – we will focus on us. With experts and colleagues from various industries, we will discuss relevant and necessary topics like change, empathy, culture, leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, creativity, leading and inspiring teams, learning and training in the future and much more.

We hope you will join us as we push, promote and progress human factors.

Human Factors Conference:
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Improve yourself and shape the future. At the 3rd Lufthansa Aviation Training Human Factors Conference.